Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh shit, I only updated my blog once last month.

This is awkward.  I know I haven't really been posting much lately.  My bad.  Anyways, in the last month a lot has happened.  I don't remember all of it.  What I do remember is that I'm still not in shape, but I did run over 50 miles last week, while running every day.  So thats sweet.  Rumor has it a bunch of our crew is going to race Philly and I don't want to be the scrub who gets last, so I had better actually run.  I was hanging with the Sterns last week, and Ben brought out his old Oregon training logs to show his bro.  It got me thinking, and I wrote out training for myself through August.  It's nothing complicated, but I feel like having it hanging over my head makes me more likely to actually run.  Also, Becky discovered these sweet rails next to our apartment, across the GW Bridge, so now I have another tight place to run.  Also, as of July, I will be back in the job hunt, so I should have time to train as well.  Sweet.
Another funny story, I was running with the DC crew the other day and they nicknamed me "Big Mo," because I possess more momentum then the rest of the crew.  Sounds good to me.  Anyways, I'm out for now, but I promise I will update more often.


  1. Don't worry, Oz. Your motivational coach and nutritionist are behind you!!

  2. Dude, your blog is wicked funny. I love it.