Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting back on the horse.

Ladies and gentleman, let me first start todays post with a brief description of life on the road.  Today I sat in a parking lot for 2 hours while my teammate Chris met up with his lady friend.  After that we drove from the Dulles International Airport to Richmond VA.  Only an hour and 50 minutes, right?  Wrong!  After 2 accidents and some good old fashioned DC traffic it took us almost 4 hours of me driving.  Sweet.  We get in at 8:15.  The restaurant at the bar in the hotel closed at 10, so I couldn't get in as long of a run as I wanted.  Oh yeah, and did I mention I was in downtown Richmond?  

So I check into my room and get changed, ready to get in anything I can.  I start out trying to get into the hotel workout room, I wanted to avoid running in the hood, and see how much I weighed.  Two birds with one stone, you know?  Anyways, the door wont open.  I try my card like 20 times, and even try to use it to pick the lock.  It doesn't work.  I walk down to the lobby and it turns out, I have the key from the hotel I stayed in last night... Damn it.  Anyways, now that I have the right key I go back up to the workout room and try again.  My new, real key, still doesn't work.  I go back down to the lobby, and they think I am an idiot.  They send a maintenance man up with me to show me how to use my key.  Anyways, turns out the door is broken and when I am heading up to my room, almost 3 hours later, it is still broken and they can't get in.  Haha, I'm not that dumb!

Anyways, my run.  At this point it's like 8:40 and I still need to run.  I decide running through the hood is better then not running.  I head out the door of my hotel and take a right.  For the next 4 minutes I think I'm going to get lit up a la a Biggie Small's song.  However, once I get about 5 blocks away (under a train and past the McDonalds) it turns into one of the nicest little suburban streets I've run on.  I then head into an awesome looking Civil War park.  I have to turn around, because as much as I like running, I also want to eat before I go to sleep.  I end up getting in about 30 minutes (29:57 for those of you keeping track at home) and feel like it is better then nothing.  

This was my 12th straight day of running, and I've been feeling a bit better every day.  I ran 50ish miles last week, and am on pace to run about 60 this week.  I just need to do a 12 miler tomorrow or sunday, then an easy 10 the other day.  I think I'm about ready to start running close to 10 miles a day.  I ran 9 miles with Owen, B Clark and Peaches and felt awesome (other then the fact that ever since I tried to assure Ben Stern that my nipples don't bleed when it rains, they bleed when it rains).  Anyways, I'm off to bed because I have work all day tomorrow and then all morning sunday, so I should go to bed.  

Shout out to Tushar for starting a Blog as well.

Shout out to Becky for mailing me those books, and for being my girlfriend.

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