Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm Kenny Powers, and You're Fucking Out

So, what's really funny, is that I haven't posted in like a month.  I'll be honest Lena's blog has intimidated me, plain and simple.  But honestly, sorry about all of that.  I think I've got my pitch back, though, so I'll get back on the figurative blogging horse.

So, where was I?  Oh yeah, I was talking about a workout I did 3 weeks ago.  Guess what, I haven't done one since.  Whoops, I have however had weekly mileage totals of 55 (in 6 days) and then 10 (in two days, I was pretty sick, and working, and I drank too much with Stevie B, Craig, Jeff T and Becky) and this week I am on pace to get in just under 70 in 8ish runs.  Yup, almost 70.  In fact I started reading this Lydiard training schedule that Mr. Crossin sent me, and guess what?  It looks pretty good.  I mapped out my runs for the next 2 months (much like I did at Ben's house, except this time I might actually follow it) and I should be running pretty decent mileage with a track workout every two weeks and a couple tempos and some hills, and three longer runs a week.  Damn.  What happened to me?  

Random side note, while writing this blog Kevin and I stopped at a Giant just outside of Arlington on our way back to Pa.  I bought a gallon of High C.  I immediately drank half of it.  My head now hurts.  Something about blood sugar.  I feel vaguely like Hamel looked during  the Vermonster challenge.  

So anyways, anyone going to be around the city this weekend and want to get in an easy 14 miler?  I know Clark is down for an hour or so, but if anyone else wants in, then let me know.  Don't call me right now, as I locked my phone in a cubby in the back of my trailer, but call me tomorrow, or leave me a message.  Anyways, for now I'm off to help Kevin drive, and by that I mean drink some more High C.  I'll update more about the specifics of my week of running this weekend, as kind of a weekly recap.