Saturday, June 20, 2009

Disappointing, kind of

I don't get it.  I am so close to being on pace to run as much as I want each week, but somehow, I manage to always will myself to come up short.  For example, this week, through 3 days I had run 25 miles.  I ran a hard 8.5-9 with Ben, and was pretty pleased with how it went.  I ran just under 70 minutes for 10 the next day then followed it up with an easy 6 the next day (I had work and had to run at 9:15 at night, and didn't feel like running past 10:00).  Anyways, no big deal, clearly on my way to getting an easy 60 miles this week, which was my goal.  However, things started to fall apart.  The next day, which was a Thursday, of course, I only ran 3 miles.  We drove to Philly and had a busy day and I went for a run at 8:00 on a treadmill, b/c it was shitty and very dark out, and I had no idea where I was.  I felt awful, apparently whenever I run on a treadmill now my body decides it wants to die.  Ok, no worries, I still have 28 miles through 4 days, 3 days to go and I only need 32 miles, 10, 10 and 12 and I'm fine, 60 miles.  

Shit, on Friday I  decide to go to a baseball game instead of run.  We have work in the morning, and we work fairly early, so running before hand is no an option, then we have to check into our hotel in downtown Philly.  We get into town, but can't check into our hotel for a while, and can't go running b/c I can't just leave the truck and Chris and run randomly.  No worries, we'll run when we get into our hotel.  We get checked in at about 5.  I'm getting ready to go when Chris says "Yo, lets go to the Phillies game."  I've never been to a MLB game before, so I decide, screw it, lets go to the ball game.  We get there, expecting to get tickets, no problem (They were laying the Baltimore) and find out the game is sold out.  After a few minutes of ticket searching, we find a scalper with 3 tickets to sell, sweet, except they are 2 and 1.  Since Chris is with his girlfriend they take the 2, and I get to sit and watch the game by myself.  Sweet.  That is until I read my ticket and see it is for a game from last week.

Whoops.  Luckily for me, I find the guy who sold it to me and get an actual ticket, which turns out to be dope as hell.

My seats were section 108, so right next to the 1st base line foul poll, and I was so close I could spit on Jayson Werth, if I had wanted to.  Anyways, going to a sporting event in Philly is awesome, because they are terrible fans.  The O's were playing well, and instead of getting behind the Phillies, the fans just start yelling and booing and leaving early.  It was so awesome to see.  I couldn't believe how terrible the fans treated their players.  Thank God I suck too much at anything to get paid millions of dollars to play in front of such ungrateful fans.

Anyways, where I'm going with this, is that I didn't run.  Shit.  Anyways, I had work again this morning, bright and early.  We were out at the Wissahickon trail and it started pouring.  Like everything got soaked and our computers barely made it out alive.  Chris and I were covered in mud, so we packed up, and went for a run.  Chris claims we were hammering on the way out, but we negtive split our run by 2.20 to run 57:40.  Easily over 8 miles, it was just way too nice a place to run, and it was pretty cool (mid 60's) and raining.  Best part, my nipples didn't bleed (F$%& you Ben).  I think that means I'm turning a corner.  

So, thats it for now.  Tomorrow, I'm getting in a long run with the one, the only, the Magush.  So read his blog, then wait a week and read my more entertaining version of the same story.  Sweet.

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