Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh shit, I lost to Jilane in a long run.

Well, I guess I don't care that much, considering I let her win.  So I know I haven't updated in a while, I've been exceptionally busy.  After running the Providence Half Marathon Long Run at 6:39 pace with Ari and Mad and Jilane I went back to campus and hung out for a few days with some of the guys.  It was a lot of fun and a good way to cap off my highest mileage week (55ish) in a while.  However, over the next few weeks would prove difficult to maintain this new milestone of training.  And by that I mean, I've hardly run in the last week and a half.  Not because I haven't wanted to, mind you, but because I haven't really had much time.  

Not that he reads this, but, I want to give a shout out to Matt Jasmin.  Watching him win Heps this past weekend was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  Last race senior year, it had evaded him a couple of times so far, it was great to see him get a title he truly deserved.

With that smooth transition, how about the Heps meet last weekend?  It was good to get to see all the guys out there busting their asses off this weekend.  I've been to a ton of track meets since I've graduated, but there is something to say about the Heps.  It might not be the best conference, but it's home to me, so if I hadn't been so hungover I'm sure I would have gotten a little teary eyed.  So yeah, congrats to everyone who competed and all of that stuff.  

Next up, I'm off to DC for the weekend, Owen, Ben lets jog.  Then from there back to NYC for a day or two then to Providence for The Campus Dance and the BTBBM (PR????).  Sweet.

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