Sunday, March 22, 2009

I should rename my Blog after Tarpy

So I haven't updated in a few days thanks in part to the fact that I've actually had something to do.  Sweet.  Brian and I got into Atlanta, GA (his hometown) and he has been showing me around and kicking my ass in NCAA 09, so I haven't spent too much time on my computer.  Anyways, since we have been in one place for about a week, I actually got some decent runs in and, other then today (for reasons I'll get into in a bit) I've felt really good.

So 5 days ago was Wednesday, and one of my first runs north of Florida in a while.  I still hate Florida, even if it was really really nice out all the time.  Anyways, Brian wanted to take me on his staple six mile run around his house.  I was game because, well, I didn't know where the hell to go and because apparently to get into shape I need to run more often.  Anyways, it was a nice little lollipop, and we picked it up the whole way and finished in 39:37.  He says it is a hair over 6, and his Nike+ says 6.3, but I bet it is pretty close to 6 even, just because I am not used to feeling pleased with anything I've run in too long, so I'll assume we were going slower then we were.  Either way it was a good run and I was pushing the pace once i figured out how to get back.  (I did not lead, because I did not know where I was going.  4 Years at Brown and that was really all I took away.  That and  that Jacob will succumb to peer pressure if you try hard enough).

Thursday Brian and I met up with his old HS coach, Tillery (sp??), who is racing a marathon next weekend.  He was going for an easy 10 and Brian talked me into jumping in for some of it.  I agreed and ended up sticking it out.  We ran 1:05.1, so again, I assume it was short and not quite 10.  Either way, I hadn't run that far in some time and the effort prompted me to drink 3 Gatorade's and fall asleep early that night.  I am so much fun.  

Friday came along and Brian and I had work most of the morning and early afternoon.  It wasn't that bad except that it was during the 'Cuse game. For those of you who know me (and if not, why are you reading my blog and how did you find it?), you know I enjoy Syracuse basketball.  So go Orange(men).  From what I hear it was a sloppy game where we knew we were better the SF Austin.  But, as I always say "a 'w' is a 'w'."  I do say that too.  Anyways, where I'm going with all this is that Brian and I had work at 5 am Saturday morning and there was College Basketball on CBS all day.  But I ran anyways!  I went out and ran a decent 5 miler (give or take) in 35:26.  Brian didn't run, so I went out for 18 minutes and turned around.  Sweet.  

NCAA bracket side note.  How the hell is Tushar winning the group I'm in?  He didn't know that Brett Favre signed with the Jets last year, and he is from Long Island.  This guys is beating me, really???  My one condolence that was (up until today) I was beating Tarpy, but even that fell away.  

Saturday, got up at 4:30, took a shower and couldn't put in my contacts because my eyes were so dry and refused to cooperate.  Great start to my day.  Anyways, Dal and I do our thing all morning and get out of the Atlanta's women's 5k a little after 12 and have to go drop some bags off at a local TSA.  We stopped at some sports bar and got lunch.  I ate a ton, as I as starving and had not ben eating much lately.

Random aside:  I lost my credit card a little while ago, no big deal, except that I cant buy apps for my iPhone anymore.  So I often peruse the free section.  While doing this one day I found one that tracks my calories consumed and burned in a day and allows me to set goals.  It is sweet, and has helped keep me somewhat in check, in fact, since I've had it, I've only ate unhealthily once.  That day was Saturday.  And by eat unhealthily, I mean drink a lot of beers and not run.  So Saturday night Brian takes me out with some of his friends to a Journey cover band concert (I think they were called Faithful).  They were awesome.  Real Journey most likely wasn't as good.  I should also note I was hammered drunk.  Or, as they say down here "Out of town drunk."

Sunday morning rolls around and I wake up in Brian's friends Charlie's apartment with a bit of a headache, but more just tired then anything else.  Now, for another painful reality, when I was in undergrad I could get plastered wake up bright and early and hammer 18 and laugh about what a great life I lived.  Now I jog 6 miles by myself and feel like death.  46:40.  Ouch.  Maybe Deals loop from the other day was long, not short???  Oh wait, most likely not, I was just running 7:30's and feeling it.

Anyways, my week started off pretty strong, and although it ended a little poorly, all in all I am actually starting to like running again and feel a bit less like a normie (although, I still am) and more like a runner (which I once was).  My last 7 days I ran 5 times for about 35 miles, so thats 7 miles a day, when I was running, or 5 miles a day total (F*** you math 10) last week.  Not great, but really not terrible all things considered.  Goal for next week: 6 days of running, and 40 miles.  The big 40 mile a week barrier, I bet only a couple hundred high school girls would dare run that much next week.

Next stop, Chicago, then the 'Cuse, then P-Town.  Get excited North East, I'm almost back.

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