Sunday, March 15, 2009

FML (Inspired by, check it out).

So I'm not sure how often is appropriate to update my blog.  Tarpy seems to do it after workouts, or races, or good efforts, but I never have any of those, so that would be a boring blog.  Jokin seems to update it everyday, and I forget and or don't want to write "Didn't run, I'm a bitch," so thats out.  I think I'll just do it when I remember, or when I have something cool to relate.  Or when I think I should let people know I'm still alive.  Which, I am.

Side note.  I was supposed to be in DC next weekend, but, this whole concept of scheduling is foreign to my job and of course, everything got changed 5 days ahead of time, so I'm going to Atlanta instead.  Sweet.  At least Hotlanta is, you know, hot.

Anyways, so I think my last post was about how much running in Florida sucks when you are an overweight Irish kid (how old is too old to call yourself a kid?  Am I that old now?) from the northeast.  Well, I ran the following day and decided, screw it, I'll just run for an hour and see how I feel.  Shockingly, it was sweet.  I ran for about 4 miles (28:03) and came upon a track.  I ran a mile around the track to check my pace, it was 6:56 and change, so I'm guessing I had run about 5 miles by the end of it.  Then I decided to run another mile a bit quicker, not fast mind you, I am incapable of that, but quicker.  So, I started decided to run about a 6:15, just to see how it felt.  Note, I used to run 10 milers at this pace.  Also note, after my one mile at 6:12 on the track, I was tired.  FML.

But honestly, it felt good to kind of feel like I ran something other then just a jog.  After my 2 mile middle school girl level tempo on the track, I ran back to my hotel and counted it as 8 and a half miles (1:00.48).  Sweet.  New game plan, just run an hour every day.  That should get me back in shape twice as fast.

Next day:  Didn't run.  I'm a bitch.

Next day:  Ran a little over an hour again, so 8ish miles (I felt like crap and wont pretend I was running 7 min pace, even though I want to pretend that I was.  At least I'm not lying to myself. Also not lying to myself, I can beat Jacob in a marathon right now.  Fact).

Anyways, I managed to not run yesterday either, and today I only had work from 5 to 11:30, so I plan on getting a decent run in this afternoon/evening with Deal.  I feel like I just need to guilt trip myself into running more, but I don't feel guilty because no one is counting on me to be fit, and, unbeknownst to myself, I have much less self motivation then I thought I did.  Especially since my only real goal is to beat Jacob in the marathon, and I could do that with no training for the next 5 years, so I'm not too worried just yet.


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  2. I hate your job. DC > Atlanta.

    Nice FMyLife shout out. I'm a fan.