Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh Yeah, I Forgot. Florida Sucks.

So I'll start my post out with a little story.  Some time ago (my frosh year) I was lucky enough to run pretty well and was asked to go on the spring break trip to USF.  I was very excited and wanted to show that I deserved to be there.  I had never been to Florida before, and I thought a break from the cold northeast would be good for me.  I was wrong.  After a couple days of getting dropped by the guys in the 90 degree/80% humidity weather we have a workout.  I am doing a 12 mile progression run where I go out 6 in about 6min pace then come back and negative split.  My last 2 miles were at about 7 to 7:15 pace and my coach at the time, John, pulled me aside and said "I don't know what happened to you since indoors, but whatever it is, you need to change it."I hadn't changed shit, except for my geographic location.  Needless to say, I hated Florida.

Why would I think it was great all these years later?  Apparently I assumed the couple (dozen) extra pounds I am packing would provide me with good insulation from the heat, and as such keep me cooler while running.  


So the day after I start my blog and feel so gun-ho about running again my friend Brian wants to go for a run.  Just an easy 6 miles or so.  I'm excited and agree.  about 4 miles later I remember I'm still a goofy white Irish kid from upstate NY who thinks 65 and overcast is the nicest weather on the planet.  Damn.  Anyways, I thought 2 things.  First I can't believe I forgot how much running in the heat sucks.  Secondly, how the hell can I ever bitch about running 6 miles?  What happened to me.  Needless to say my next run, on Monday, was an easy 4 miles inside on the treadmill with the AC on.

I came to Florida and choose to run inside on a treadmill to avoid the weather.  What is wrong with me?

On a random note that some running nerds might enjoy.  Years ago I had my gait analyzed and it was determined I was a severe over pronator.  My new job requires me to analyze gaits myself, so I got mine done again, just to give an example of a severe over pronator.  Guess what, I don't over pronate at all.  In fact, my stride is almost perfectly neutral.  So I have been wearing stability shoes for who knows how long for no reason.  Needless to say I gave a bad example of an over pronator, and I also have wasted a bunch of money.  Oh well, at least now I can train in the Lunar Trainers (sweet).

Moral of the story, I have a week left in Florida then its off to either DC or Atlanta.  I hope DC, but Atlanta is a pretty chill city as well.  From their it is back to the glorious north east for a month.  I will be in Boston, Providence, and of course NYC.  Sweet.

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