Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st time in 4 years I ran more miles then the number of beers I drank on St pat's day

(Disclaimer:  This entry is not for pregnant women or dizzy people, as it jumps around a lot, and is very poorly written, even by my standards.)

Typically that would be an indication of how many beers I drank, not how few miles I ran.  This year, however, it is not.  

So last Sunday evening Deal and I decide to go for a run together.  I normally hate running with him, because he is fit and he runs pretty hard, and you know, I have been known to complain even when I'm feeling good, let alone when I'm sucking air.  Anyways, luckily for me, Brian wasn't feeling in the mood to hammer, so we ran an easy 45 mins or so, and I added on another 15 afterwards.  Keeping to my schedule of running an hour a day.  Thanks to this run, I got in just about 29 miles in 4 runs last week.  So lets pretend that I could run all 7 days a week, that would mean I was on pace to run almost 50 miles.  Sweet.  Thats almost real high school girl training.

During my add on I was lucky enough to watch a space shuttle take off.  Random, but, really sweet.  Did you know those things go all the way in to outer space?  Crazy, I know.

Monday was going to, and in hindsight, did, suck.  We had to make it from St. Petersburg Florida to Atlanta.  Sweet, except that we had to get up at 5 and teach a clinic on Nike shoes at a local TSA first.  Spoiler Alert!!!:  I didn't run.   Apparently working/driving from 6am to 8pm isn't conducive to me wanting to run in the rain of Atlanta.  I couldn't have guessed.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's day.  I've heard that Savannah GA does St. Pat's day pretty hard, too bad I was in Atlanta, and too tired to go out.  Not to mention I only know one person here, and Deal wasn't getting crazy.  Instead we did my first "workout" of my "training."  Brian took me to a local park and it started out as just us running together, but you could tell he was a little amped being back home on his old stomping grounds.  Anyways, he runs pretty fast most days if he can, so today I just tried to hang with him.  We ended up running just about 7 hilly miles in 46 minutes.  Now if that doesn't keep Jacob up at night, I don't know what will!  Regardless (or irregardless, speaking of Jacob) I am starting to like hurting again, which is awesome.  Baby steps, right?

This "workout" reminded me of how I used to run back at Chitt.  Everyday we just kind of ran hard to beat up on the kids who couldn't hang with us.  It was fun.  It made me think, though, to a question Coste raised in his blog.  "Could I beat HS freshman me?"  Or something like that.  I could not, it wouldn't even be close.  It would be a funny race to watch, though.  One of the two of me's would throw up, not sure which one, but one would.  A better question, could I ever in my life beat the 8th grade Sarro in anything?  The answer, is no.  If I recall he long jumped 26, ran 45/147/348/810.  Solid all around for a 13 year old.

In closing, congrats to Tarpy for an awesome race.  And a sweet picture where he looks like he actually has muscles.


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