Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That got out of hand. I mean that really escalated quickly.

So I know I haven't posted in like a week.  It's not actually because I had a bad week of running, but because I had a crazy week of work where my schedule was made up wrong, so I had to work multiple events in one day, several times.  Then the transmission on our truck broke down.  And by that I mean, did you know if you don't screw the gas cap on tight enough you can create a vacuum in your engine?  And that said vacuum will turn all of the warning lights on your dashboard and prevent your car from shifting gears?

Me neither.

Anyways, what I'm getting at is that I was busy, and not necessarily in the mood to post.  My bad.  Anyways, other then working a ton last week I did manage to do some decent running.  I wasn't able to reach my goal of running 6/7 days, but I ran 4 and biked 20 miles another day.  All in all I got in about 30 miles, plus 20 miles of biking in 5 efforts, so I feel pretty happy about it.  I even ran one really hard run on a treadmill in Indiana.  

My goal for this week is again, to run 6 days and get in about 45 miles.  I am off to a good start as I have been in Syracuse for the past 2 days, and have taken my friend Brian to Green Lakes State Park.  The best running park I have been in during my travels.  So, GL (as we in the biz like to call it) is pretty tight.  You can do a solid 15 miler without repeating much and it has some awesome views.  One of the things I used to love most about it is how hilly it is.  Back in high school I ran hills every day because the only other alternative was run on the Erie Canal.  Needless to say, I was good at running hills.  Now, however, I suck.  Brian, my friend Fox (a mid 2:30's marathoner) and I went for a run Monday and I was soon deep in the hurt tank.  It was good, though, because I was so happy to be running back at GL that it was cool.  I died a bit on the hills, but ran the flats with them and finished up decently.  About 8 miles in about 58:40.  Not awful.  

Tuesday was a similar, but different, story.  Brian and I met up with my friend Luke to go for a jog.  We wanted to go a bit longer, and Luke was kind of pushing the pace.  Which was cool, except that i couldn't push back.  He and Brian went out and got in about 12 miles in 1:16.00.  Nice.  I got in a 10 miler in 1:12.58.  What I also got was a crazy conversation from a 52 year old man who saw me getting dropped by Brian and Luke.  After they pulled away I tried to loop back and find them.  I bump into this guy wearing a blue Fila track suit, whom we had passed before.

Me-"Have you seen the other two guys I was with running with?"
Him-"Yeah, they're long gone."
Me-"Oh, thanks."
Him-"Yeah, I thought you had a bit too much body mass to be running with those two.  They looked pretty serious."
Me-"Haha, yeah..."
Him-"I mean, it looked like you had a lot of heart, but just too much mass."


Needless to say he then proceeded to talk to me for about 10 minutes about how I could lose some weight and maybe run with guys like that sometime.  Apparently you need to run consistently and eat healthy.  Crazy, I know.

So, that was my last run at GL for a while.  Today Brian and I are hitting up the Erie Canal, then driving to Providence.  Sweet.


  1. you gotta be thin to win man, thin to win.

  2. so much mass and not just weight. important distinction in case you ever want to go for a run on the moon, you will still get dropped.

  3. momentum = mass*velocity
    you just need to run exclusively downhill, and consider greasing the soles of your shoes for good measure