Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh shit, I might lose to Jilane in a long run.

So, I know I haven't been updating very frequently, and again, this is a combination of I am still out of shape and I am still working like a banshee.  I have no idea how much banshee's work, but I hear it's a lot.  Anyways, first off, props to my blogs name sake, Jokin, who smoked the OKC marathon, and as such justified my naming of my blog after him.  Good work.  Nextly (is that a word?  Is now!) I have realized a couple of interesting running things. 

I am definitely getting into better shape then I was.  I've been able to run about 6-10 miles a day, depending on the day, but I cant seem to have enough time to run more then about 5 days a week.  As such I am trying to do the whole quality over quantity thing.  Of course, that was never really my style, so it is tough getting used to.  Also, since I am getting more into shape (note, I'm still not in any kind of shape, but I was in negative shape before.  So now I am back to ground zero.) I am regaining some enthusiasm for the whole running thing, and look forward to being able to race again.  So as of right now I have several races on my radar for the next year.  I plan on running the Utica boilermaker this July with some of my friends back in upstate, it should be fun, and I have no expectations, just to have fun.  Next I plan on running the Blue Ridge Relay race in september with a bunch of the guys.  That is, I guess, my actual goal.  To be back in shape so that I can run 6:15 pace or so for the approximately 16 miles.  Now, I would not be worried, minus the fact it is at elevation, and last time I ran at elevation, I got burned.  So we'll see.  The next race on my schedule is an 8k xc race at Deal's wedding.  He should have a pretty good top 5 if everyone shows up, and we are racing some decent college teams, so I hope to not get embarrassed.  This race is also at elevation.  I wish I had the opportunity to train at elevation at some point and time, but since I don't I'll just try to breath less from now on.  My last race, and this one is not as solid as the rest of them, is the Philly marathon.  I have been interested in running it since I paced Becky for the last half a few years back, but Owen said he would be interested and I would like to run it with a friend more then I would like to run it alone.  

Additional note, I am planning on running the Providence half marathon this weekend.  I am not racing, Ari and I are merely doing it as a hard long run.  If Jilane beats be, it doesn't count, because I'm not racing.  

So just to put my recent training in perspective, I've lost a few lb's and have been generally feeling better running.  Deal likes running with me now because I "Don't slow him down anymore."  Sweet.  Last week I did a 10 miler from my apartment over and under the GW bridge, out another few miles then back.  I went out in 34 and came back in 31 and change.  Plus the whole way back was uphill.  It was a hard as hell effort, but I felt good and wanted to really push myself.  A few days before, I had run about 9 miles with Deal in just under an hour.  So needless to say, every now and then I have a good run.  However, today I ran 5 miles and almost passed out at the end from the heat.  FML.  

Anyways, the rest of my week should be good for training.  I'm going to get up relatively early tomorrow and get my run out of the way.  I just want to do an hour to 70 mins.  I originally wanted to do it a bit faster, but after how hard the heat hit me today, I might just get in a quality 10 miles.  Thursday I'll be back in Prov, so hopefully I can get in a good run with some of the guys, that would be sweet.  Saturday Deal and I are working the race expo the whole day, so I might just try and get in an east half an hour before the half marathon run the next day.

All in all, I've been keeping busy and trying to live the dream, to some degree.  Hopefully by next September I'll be in decent enough shape not to let everyone on the relay down.  If not, I'll just buy the first round after the race.


  1. Oh, if it happens, it counts.

  2. Don't sweat it Oz, at this stage, every training run Jilane does is at a faster pace than me. You'd be surprised how quickly ambivalence to that fact sets in