Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back in upstate.

So Mass was great.  It was awesome to see Becky, and go for runs with Ari and Graddy and spend time with all of my friends.  A very good couple of days all around.  

I don't remember what I had said about my running in my last post, but I'll see if I can't do some catching up.  Last week I got in about 30 miles in 5 days, as I felt kind of sick for a few days.  I would have taken 3 days off but Becky guilt tripped me into running with her one day, so that salvaged my week as far as days of running was concerned.  My last week was also capped off by a 10 mile run with Ari and Ryan.  We went out Saturday night, and things got a little sloppy, but Sunday we got up and went for a run from my hotel.  It was crazy how much fun it was to run with those guys.  Lots of making fun of Jacob ensued.   Monday night Ari came over and started my current week off on a good note as he hammered the pants off of me.  We did 8 miles in 51:58.  It wasn't a particularly hard effort at the time, but I felt like shit the next two days, and I will accredit that run and my weekend extra curricular activities with my legs deciding they didn't want to move.  

Tuesday Brian and I had to leave Boston, and drive to West Hartford Ct for work.  We got in kind of late, so I just hopped on the treadmill and ran a couple of miles before our delivery food got in.  Not exactly training, but I think I want to try and run all 7 days this week, even if it is just a couple of miles when I feel like shit.  Brian once told me, when I felt awful, that I just need to run through it.  Now that seems more feasible now that I am running with some consistency, then it did when I received that advice, 2 weeks into my "comeback."  Anyways, yesterday I got in a decent 5 miles with Deal up a good hill then around a cool old cemetery.  Like crazy old, we saw a grave from 1776, a good year, I've heard.  I think the plan for today is to go back through the cemetery and ink up with another park for a longer run.  We were going to double today, but both of us haven't slept past more then like 6 hours a night for a while now, so we didn't get up in time.  Oh well, I don't know if doubling is acceptable when you are trying to run like 45 miles a week.

Goals for this week, and maybe the next few.  This week, 6-7 days of running and 45 miles.  Next 2 weeks 6-7 days of running and 50 miles.  4th week, 7 days of running and 55 miles.  That would give me 200 miles in 4 weeks.  I forgot why I planned on doing that, but I talked to Ari about it, and he thought it was a great idea.  By the way, funny Ari story.  When he, Graddy and I were running we thought we were close to our hotel and Ari said "It should be just on our left, I think it's behind those buildings."  We run for a few more minutes and Graddy goes "Wait, isn't that it right their (pointing due right, out in the open)."  The answer was yes, the hotel was in the exact opposite direction that Ari described.  This coming after we ran an 8 mile run (It was 10).  Somethings never change.  Fucking Ari.

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