Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buck Fen Stern

So I claimed (or lied, depending on how you look at it) that I wasn't writing in my blog because I didn't want Ben to know what good shape I was in, so that I could surprise him at the Philly Marathon. However, since I'm not running it, and I'm not in good shape, I was actually just not updating this because I wasn't doing shit. Anyways, I'll give you guys a quick rundown of my last, well, month.

So for about 2 weeks I was doing some decent miles, occasionally running with Clark or Alex Brown and often with Becky. Even running up to 14 miles a day (once). Sick! Literally, then I got sick. I remember when I would get sick in college, it was usually because I was running 100 miles a week and not eating. I figured 60 miles a week while eating too much I would be fine, but I forgot that doing shots with Craig and Stevie B weakens the immune system about as much as running 100 miles a week and not eating. Whoops.

Was it worth it? Of course. I'm not really training for anything and you only get to black out with your good friends once (every few days). Anyways, I took a few days off, and felt a little better. That was until I went to Providence to watch Jokin beat Murat in an epic duel. That was extremely anti-climatic. Oh well, we celebrated early for Jokin. Like 24 hours early. Moral of the story, no matter what state I binge drink with Craiger in, I still get sick. 3 more days off next week and one solid 11+ mile run with Schmaloner - Brian and you're about caught up.

Saturday morning I was working the Manchester High School Invitational and I realized that Steve didn't live to far away. Sure enough, he was 25 minutes and one phone call away. Good run Friday morning, and a solid night out in Manch Vegas which saw me trade my only pull over for a ride home from a (hopefully) not too drunk girl. It was 40 degrees when I had to work the next morning. My B.

So that brings me back to today. Kev and I are rolling from Chelsea (our parking lot) in NYC to Hotlanta. No big deal, just 14 hours in the car. You know what would break it up? A 10 miler in DC with Ben, George and Dave Burnham. We ran a nice conservative pace for about 8 miles, then for the next mile and a half or so I decided to try and hammer Ben, you know, to make up for the 846389507037 times he's done the same to me. He told me he hadn't run much in the last month, I was ready to go. Only problem, I had no idea how far back to the finish.

Johnny G used to say you only had one move, so make it count. I apparently thought that only applied to being fit. I made my first move with about 2 miles to go. It just ended up making us pick up the pace. No worries, I thought, I'll get him in the last 400. Sure enough, with 400 meters (or so I thought left) I made a HUGE move (for my current state). I gapped the field as I turned the corner, I expected to see the grassy field near our cars. Unfortunately, what I saw was more bike path, a bridge in the distance and eventually Ben, and just about everyone else, passing me.

Now we are due to get into the Dirty Dirty at 3:15am, rather then 11:45pm. Moral of this story, is that I'm not fit, though I am at least ambitious, I will be up very late, and Dave (who I just met) must think I am a dumb ass, or just an ass. Either way, I got in a decent effort.

Note: Since starting this post, I have learned that our appointment in the morning was canceled, so we will be sleeping somewhere in one of the Carolina's tonight, and then finish the drive in the morning. Go me.


  1. and you didn't come to charlotte. you're terrible.

  2. I think the showdown can still happen:

    Game on.

  3. In response to Jokin, I talked to my buddy about it, we would have gotten in after midnight and left before 7 am, however, on the way back up, I'm giving you a call. In response to Jilane, Can't do philly this year, but, Ben and I are going to duel at some point, I promise.