Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Workout? Why not?!

So, after reaching the 60 mile mark last week, I decided to hit the track and try out my new pair of Lunar Racers (They were new, because I haven't raced or run hard in over a year). Anyways, 8.0 was doing 14 x $.25 on the track and didn't want to be the only loser out their alone at 7:00am Tuesday morning, so I said sure.  I wasn't going to do quarters, of course, but I made up a workout I had been wanting to do a variation of for a few weeks, if I thought I could do it.  I did a 2 mile warm up, then hit the track for 3 x 2k with $.25 jog.  My goal was to run 5:30 pace and see what happened.  It actually went very well, I split 5:29 for my first one, and went on to run 6:50.  My next one was a bit slower, 5:30 split and 6:53.  I closed well with a 5:23 split to finish up in 6:45 for my last one.  Then I jogged a mile with 8.0 and called it a morning.

Now, I know that might not sound like a brilliant workout to some (any) of you, but to me, it was as good as anything I used to be able to do on the track.  It was good to get that burning in the lungs back.  Not to mention my stomach was upset with me all day, which sucked, but was also rewarding in its own sense of accomplishment.  

That evening, after work, and before judging a talent show (more on that in a bit) I got in another 22 minutes, to give me 10 miles on the day, and 17 for the (2 day old) week.  Sick, slowly (literally) but surely (hopefully) I'm getting back in shape.

So, for those of you who don't know where I am or what I'm doing at the moment, I am currently working with the XC Truck in Asheville NC at a Nike XC camp.  Last night I got to be a judge for a battle of the sex's contest, which included a game of props, a synchronized dance routine, and a pick up line contest, which included a couple I might have to save for a rainy day (You must be from Best Buy, because you turned my software into hardware!).  Also, I was not judging this contest as myself, but rather as track and field coaching legend, Roy Benson, who was kind enough to let me borrow his hat, and his Pretty Good Joke Book, with classics like 

"Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?"
"The food is pretty good, but it has no atmosphere."

That just happened.

Moral of the story, my senior year theater experience back in High School paid off, and I've still got it.  Anyways, I took this AM off from running to grab a few extra Zzz's, so I'm off to get in a solid 10 or so in a few.  I think I'm going to keep making Tuesday my track workout day, so long as it works out with my schedule, so if anyone has any recommendations for some workouts I might like, let me know!

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